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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hey all you cool cats, it's ya boi Rigby coming at you with a few updates that are #wildandcrazy . I haven't told too many people, but I have a mysterious allergy that me and the fam have been trying to get to the bottom of. IDK what it is yet, but my doctor prescribed some steroids to contain my reactions. Now I don't usually recommend steroids, but you already know ya boi is JACKED!

It was the best of times! I'd been leaping higher than before and couldn't be stopped, that is until I came down with the common cat cold. ME? YA BOI? SICK!? Yeah, it knocked me out for a few days. And it was the worst of times. I didn't jump anywhere, I had sneezing fits that lasted eternities. I was not #livingthedream . This was some dystopian nightmare where I stayed in the darkest spaces and could hardly meow to save my life. Miserable I was. Now, you know me, I gotta live it up! Without my strength I looked inward at what kind of a cat I was, and what kind of a cat I had become. Somehow, I persevered. Day 5 I started feeling a little stronger, I was sneezing less and jumping just a bit more.

Could this be it? My time has returned? Yes! Health, I feel it coursing through my tiny body, strength like never before! I had my walk back, my meow back. I even returned to my usual hang spots. But what of all those lost days? Who will make up for lost times? ME. I MADE UP FOR LOST TIMES. I started working overtime on meowing during video-game time, I even started checking out the kitchen counter for some delicious sink snacks. One fateful trip to the kitchen counter, I found some sweet sweet mac and cheese cooking up, and you know ya boi had to investigate. Oh, the scents, the savory aroma of creamy cheddar cheese, the curious heat from the stove, I simply couldn't resist! I stay a short while, enchanted by the smells, until one unlikely odor caught my nose. I felt a tingle on my tail and turned to look. My tail was on fire! Yes that's right! Talk about action! I did the best thing to do if you are #lit on fire, wave your tail quickly and leave the source of the fire. Man, was I singed. Fortunately it didn't touch the tail, just the hair! Ya boi lives to see another day, #notscarred. Check out the cool trim to the fur!

No worries, I'm all good! I'm 100% healthy, still taking 'roids, and LOVING my life. Just here to remind you to give it #allornothing every single day. You never know when you may get lit on fire. I'm tops! Time to take off, keep you posted on that allergy... xx Rigby

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