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Come Chill with Us

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What better time then now to launch the Models series website! Whether you're quarantined up with your work computer, or cuddling your toilet paper, Models site is the best place for you to unwind, take a deep breath, and practice Mindfulness (we've heard a lot about that lately). Of course this site is still in its infancy, so feel free to scroll, explore and click, we know you have the time. Let us know what you think by commenting, and be sure to subscribe for updates. As for now, the show is still in post-production, and is set to premiere on OTV | Open Television at in the Spring 2020 block. We can't show you clips just yet, but until we can we'll be adding images to keep you titillated.

There's the first one. Eat it! Our editing experts Wanjiku M, Laura M & John M are still working hard to give you that sweet sweet content you crave. Hmm, just realized their last names all start with the letter M... Is there a conspiracy afoot? We hope so! Also noticed there's another Wanjiku involved in the production process. That's weird, what are they...cousins or twins? My money is on twins. -Models

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