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Primed for Premiere

They used to say April showers bring May flowers, but what do April pandemics bring? May premieres. No, it doesn't rhyme, but hey what do you want! You heard it here, Models will premiere on Open Television May 1! More details are being ironed out as we speak, but for those of you who just cant NOT wait for content, go over to instagram @modelsseries for fun pictures to bide your time. What's that? You want a fun image right now? ...let me see what I can do...

Yeah! I AM capable! That's for you, go on, FEAST. Print it, make it into a poster. Set is as your background on your phone as a reminder. Order shirts out of it. The world is literally your oyster, a closed oyster in which you cannot leave, not until this Earth-wide crisis cools off haha. You. Are. Welcome. -Models

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