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The Talent

Wanjiku Kairu

 Actress, singer and nail lacquer enthusiast Wanjiku seemingly wrote this series to show off her OPI nail polish collection. But in reality she wrote the show to parade her cats around, have you seen them? They're gorgeous! Anyway, she cooks, she stares at the lake, she even knows where the moon is, right now! Get in touch with her via instagram @wanjikal , or reach out to BMG Talent for casting. Can't get enough Wanjiku? Don't worry, there's another one...


Theodore Oliver

 Musician Theodore Oliver thrashes on guitar and slams that bass. He brings it on the drums and really knows how to lay down those sweet tracks. His beats are are sick, but don't worry, all you'll catch is a case of the vibes. Teddy is always ballin', as you can see, and he knows how to take it 'to da streets' his words. What else could you want from a musical director? Substance? You got it! Jams? Uh yeah duh. Style? You must be trippin if you can't see it.


Wanjiku Mwangi

 How do you define a Wanjiku, is it by her poise? By her style? By the other Wanjiku's she associates with? This Wanjiku is defined simply by one word, 'undefined'. Marketing, editing, alchemy, there's no limit to her expertise. You want a hairstyle for your big party? She'll style you. You need someone to help with your taxes because you have more than 2 W9's? She knows a guy. You're cold and you need a jacket? She will take out her sewing machine and make you a windbreaker. LIMITLESS


Kitty & Rigby

Kitty & Rigby's dedication to beauty in its simplest form were the   inspiration and motivation behind all of this. Posing for a camera and standing directly in front of the TV wasn't enough attention, they had to be movie stars. Both cats spent days scratching the TV until Wanjiku took notice, and thank goodness she did. Attention, that's what they need. And that's exactly what they'll get!

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